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None of these links are paid advertisements or part of a link exchange.

A number of individuals and non-commercial organizations devote considerable time and effort to making high quality tools, tutorials, information, and examples freely available on the internet. I am pleased to acknowledge some of them here.

For small business, these resources mean better quality products and services and ultimately lower cost internet services.

About this site

Though I acknowledge these contributions, any errors are my own.

The original inspiration for this site began with a design called Lovely! by Kumiko from OSWD.

I upgraded it to XHTML 1.0 Strict, changed most of the sizing from pixels to ems, and put all css colour specifications in a separate style sheet for accessibility and ease of maintenance. The result became the layout for my personal site, jeankorte.ca. By the time I revised it to become this site, the original design is unrecognizable!

Assessify.com offers tools for web site development, two of which were used here:

The rest of the common code is handled through the templating option in HTML Validator free edition. Looks as though the pro edition will soon become a must have.